City of Chernomorets, 11 Slivnitsa str.


Spa menu “Villa Ambrosia”

Body massages
Type of massageTimePrice
Classical massage
- Partial25 min.30lev
- full body55 min.55 lev
Aroma massage
- Partisl25 min.35 lev
- Full body/em>55 min.65 lev.
Healing massage with magnesium oil40 min.55 lev.
Reflexo-teraphy25 min.40 lev.
Sports massage
- Partial25 min.40 lev.
- Full body45 min.70 lev.
Relaxing massage with candle60 min.70 lev.
Manual lymphatic drainage 60 min.70 lev.
Anti-cellulite masssage40 min.60 lev.
Massage with honey30 min.45 lev.
Body Spa treatments
Detox therapy Hydro-Marin – Dr. Spiller60 min.72 lev
Bulgaria Rose therapy – Eco Spa70 min.72 lev
Therapy "Rahima" – Dr. Spiller70 min.79 lev
Manaru – Scent from the African oceans – Dr. Spiller60 min.89 lev.
Anti-stress therapy for men – Dr. Spiller60 min.89 lev.
Body massage with micronized seaweeds30 min.40 lev
SPA therapy for face
Treatments TimePrice
Cellular anti-aging therapy30 min.45 lev.
Hydration with azulene60 min.60 lev.
Sanvita50 min.50 lev.
Hydro Marin therapy80 min.90 lev.
Intensive care with collagen50 min.85 lev.
Massage and face mask30 min.40 lev.
Care for the body
Medical examination30lev.
Electrophoresis15 min.12 lev.
Interference currents15 min.12 lev.
Ultrasound therapy10 min.12 lev.
Electrical stimulation15 min.12 lev.
Vacuum and electrical stimulation15 min.12 lev.
Magnetic therapy
- on one area15 min.12 lev.
- two areas20 min.18 lev.
Laser therapy12 lev.
Underwater gymnastics - group (ПЛФК)25 min.8 lev.
Underwater gymnastics - individual (ПЛФК)25 min.15 lev.
Medical physical training (TP) - individual20 min.30 lev.
Medical physical training (TP) - group20 min.10 lev.
Rocher's cell15 min.10 lev.
Cryotherapy45 lev.
Compress with Pomorie lye in one field20 min.12 lev.
"Compress with Pomorie lye on each subsequent field Hydrotherapy"6 lev.
Hydromassage bath with sea salts / lye / magnesium salts20 min.22 lev.
Pearl bath20 min.18 lev.
Hydro galvanic bath20 min.20 lev.
Tangentor25 min.30 lev.
SPA Packages
SPA for her: 140 lev.SPA for him: 120 lev.
- silk peeling
20 min.
- whirlpool bath with micronized sea salts
30 min.
- hydrating body mask
20 min.
- relaxing wellness massage with candle
30 min.
- anti-stress massage
30 min.
- face mask
20 min.
- face massage and mask
30 min.