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Electrotherapy is a relatively modern type of physical therapy that uses preformed environmental factors for therapeutic and prophylactic purposes. The medical center at villa Ambrosia SPA hotel and Wellness different kinds of therapies. It has modern equipment for various types of physiotherapy, as well as a team of highly qualified and trained specialists. Which are performing daily individual and group procedures. It is the only Physiotherapy in Chernomorets


Electrophoresis (EF) is a physiotherapy with galvanic current, through which a drug is introduced into the body. It has a good anti-inflammatory effect.8.00 lev.
Diadynamic (DD) healing procedure using currents with different frequency. Helps with discopathy, plexitis, radiculitis and others.8.00 lev.
Interference currents (IFT) cross-current therapy. It has anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects.10.00 lev.
Vacuum massage - vacuum therapy against the background of interfering currents. It has anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects.10.00 lev.
Ultrasound (US) therapy for treatment by a combination of high frequency current and a healing cream that penetrates deep into the tissues. Normalizes vascular tone, stimulates tissue regeneration, activates blood circulation.12.00 lev.
Magnetic pulse field (MIP) magnetic field therapy. It has a pain-relieving effect.8.00 lev.
TENS impulses - therapy for treatment by electrical stimulation of the nerves in order to block pain signals. Acts to relieve muscle and joint pain, sports injuries.10.00 lev.
TENS pulses two fields.18.00 lev.
Infrared lamp - therapy for infrared therapy to relieve joint pain, pain in the neck and respiratory system - bronchitis and sinusitis. It has anti-inflammatory action.7.00 lev.
D'Arsonval - therapy for treatment with high-frequency currents with trophic action for tissues - skin, muscles, peripheral nerves. Very suitable for varicose veins because it strengthens blood vessels.10.00 lev.
Electrosimulation - a field therapy for treatment by neuromuscular stimulation. It is used to restore paralyzed muscles, movement disorders, spinal injuries.12.00 lev.
Laser therapy - generates two types of laser (RED and IR laser) with different parameters, thanks to which they have different biological effects on tissues. It is intended for stimulating therapy in neurology, orthopedics, dermatology, gynecology, sports medicine and medical cosmetics.12.00 lev.

Many sports injuries and illnesses use medium-frequency electrotherapy, known as interference current therapy (IFT). These currents are widely used because of their therapeutic effects. Also for their good tolerability and penetration, and the ability to work with higher intensities.

The therapeutic effects of the use of interfering current are related to its physiological action on the body. Depending on the frequency, it can generally be said that low frequencies up to 50Hz have a stimulating effect on the muscles, and from 50-100Hz are associated with an analgesic effect. Interference current causes improvement of peripheral blood circulation, tissue metabolism and release of biologically active substances (acetylcholine, histamine), which creates conditions for:
analgesic effect
Also, the interference current stimulates the regeneration of peripheral nerves, improves the functional state of the neuromuscular system and accelerates bone healing (callus formation and osteogenesis).

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Before starting electrotherapy or any kind of physiotherapy, always consult with your doctor.