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Kinesitherapy –  the treatment by movement. The Medical Center of Villa Ambrosia Hotel Wellness and SPA, has a highly developed kinesitherapy sector. Individual and group methodologies are applied. Led by proven specialists, in accordance with the specific problems and analytical approach. In order to restore the damaged motor functions of the body.

Treatments Price
Underwater gymnastics - group (PLFC) group gymnastics, which is performed in an aquatic environment, under the guidance and supervision of a therapist.8.00 lev.
Underwater exercise - individual according to the instructions individual gymnastics, which is performed in an aquatic environment, under the guidance and supervision of a therapist.15.00 lev.
Therapeutic physical training - individual30.00 lev.
Roche cell - a procedure for performing certain active types of exercises from relieving or non-relieving positions by using a Rocher cell. It is used in the presence of fractures, overload, immobilization, after surgery, after strokes, etc.10.00 lev.
Cryotherapy - ice therapy, which has a favorable condition for inflammation, swelling and recent injuries.45.00 lev.

Kinesitherapy differs from other types of therapies. It requires the full participation of the patient. Unlike physiotherapy, you will participate in kinesitherapy and move more actively. This type of treatment depends directly on the individual condition of the patient and is based on the state of the patient’s body and the results they want to achieve.

It is a proven and comprehensive method with a pronounced restorative effect. This means that after each visit and after each passing day, you will feel relief. Also you will feel the gradual recovery and strengthening of the body.

The biggest advantage of kinesitherapy is that it is used in a wide range of conditions, both during different stages and in disease prevention.

For kinesitherapy there are no established contraindications regarding the age of the patient, as well as side effects.

All exercises and programs are prepared and monitored by specialists. Do not conduct any exercises in case of injuries, that are not coordinated with the necessary medical personnel.

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