City of Chernomorets, 11 Slivnitsa str.



  Villa Ambrosia SPA Hotel and Wellness Chernomorets is equipped according to the Law on Medical Establishments. A team of physiotherapists works at the Medical Center of Medical Spa “Villa Ambrosia”. Every guest of the hotel can take advantage of the medical areas in which the center operates. These are: balneology, prevention and prevention, rehabilitation and recovery. To ensure the perfect spa break, the spa and wellness area are at your disposal. They are built on the latest construction technologies, with modern design and the most modern equipment. Under the medical supervision of highly qualified specialists – rehabilitation therapist , physiotherapists and masseurs, a number of procedures can be performed, such as baths, massages, body therapies and therapies for face and body recovery and rejuvenation.

Water treatments and alkali therapy

 Water treatment has been used from ancient times due to the combined action of three healing factors: thermal, chemical properties of water and its mechanical impact. Modern hydrotherapy baths combine these properties with other physical factors: magnetic therapy, underwater jet massage, hydrogalvanization, making these procedures highly effective in recovery and prevention and overall rejuvenation of the body.

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To make an appointment, please call 0882004171.

All hours are booked in advance.

If you suffer from illnesses, please inform the staff before starting the procedure.

If necessary, consult a doctor before starting a procedure.

Treatments Price
Air-vortex bath (BBB) hydromassage bath, which performs water and air massage of the whole body.16.00 lev.
BBB with aromatic salts bath with warm water and aromatic salts, in which an underwater body massage is performed.18.00 lev.
BBB with Black Sea lye and herbs - bath with warm mineral water, Black Sea lye and herbs, in which underwater body massage is performed.20.00 lev.
Pearl bath / hydromassage bath /, in which underwater body massage is performed by air bubbles called "pearls". It has a relaxing and invigorating effect..16.00 lev.
Hydro galvanic bath with mineral water in combination with galvanic current. The effect of the procedure is healing.18.00 lev.
Magnesium bath - an air whirlpool bath with warm mineral water in which magnesium is placed. Has a calming effect on the skin, peripheral nervous system.20.00 lev.
Tangentor (PSM) underwater jet massage with warm water, which is performed in a professional hydrotherapy bath by a therapist. It is a pressurized water jet and is directed to the massaged part of the body.20.00 lev.
Lugotherapy / one field / uses compresses of Black Sea lye, rich in various ingredients such as calcium, sodium, magnesium, chlorine, bromine, organic substances, due to which it has a strong healing effect and analgesic effect. Compresses are applied for pain in the lower back, knees, joints, arms.12.00 lev.
Alkaline therapy - for each subsequent field.+6.00 lev.