City of Chernomorets, 11 Slivnitsa str.


Spa center

  • Спа Център Вила Амброзия
  • Спа услуги във Вила Амброзия град Черноморец
  • Сауна във Вила Амброзия Черноморец

Welcome to Our Medical SPA Center

SPA – magical treatment, connection with nature and escape from stress!

The services at Villa Ambrosia Medical and SPA Center combine good practices in traditional medicine and the recovery process and offer comprehensive health care, including the preparation of an individual healing program.

For accommodations and reservations please call on +359-882-004-171 or mail on

Procedures and Physiotherapy:
  • Open daily from 10:00  to 18:00 
  • Finnish sauna
  • Steam bath
  • Healing massage
  • Pearl bath
  • Electroplating bath
  • Physical therapy-electro and ultrasound, magnetic and cryotherapy ,photoherapy and D`Arsonval, kinesis and manual therapy
Спа Център във Вила Амброзия
Спа услуги във Вила Амброзия Черноморец
Спа процедури Вила Амброзия
  • Възтановителен център във Вила Амброзия
  • Възтановителен център във Вила Амброзия
  • Вана за процедури във Вила Амброзия

Recovery Center

The SPA center has well-equipped rooms for physical therapy, kinesitherapy, treatment room for massage and manual therapy, physical therapy, including magnetic and cryotherapy.

All treatment procedures are prescribed by a doctor and performed under medical supervision

Our highly trained specialist will help you to forget the pain and enjoy the movement again.

Work Time: Every day  from 10  to 18

Sauna and Steam Room

An important part of SPA treatments is the beneficial effects of the sauna and the steam bath.

It is a mandatory part of staying healthy and having glowing skin. If your health condition allows you to- studies show that it is good to spend 10-15 min a couple of times per week.


Сауна във Вила Амброзия

The sauna helps the body sweat and thus sweat releases toxins through sweat. It has a beneficial effect on the tone and vitality of the body. It also improves the immune system.

Парна баня във Вила Амброзия

The steam bath, also called Turkish, has a soft and relaxing effect and many healing properties for both the skin and the respiratory tract. Improves blood circulation and detoxifies.

For more information about the various procedures and their effects, you can consult our specialists. They will also recommend what would be beneficial to you in relation to your goal and what could be done for maximum effect.
All procedures on the territory of the SPA hotel and Wellness Villa Ambrosia are performed by specialist consultants.

To book appointments and additional questions, contact us by email at or by phone +359 882004171