City of Chernomorets, 11 Slivnitsa str.



  • Бар и Ресторант Вила Амброзия


Rich taste and varied menu

Our restaurant has 60 seats in a pleasant and cozy atmosphere, inside and outside. Enjoy traditional Bulgarian cuisine with an added Mediterranean accent. We have continental breakfast and a variety of delicious options to enjoy during your stay at the villa.

Our mission is to exceed even the greatest expectations.

Ресторант във Вила Амброзия

Our wide variety of option will cater for every taste.

Ресторант във Вила Амброзия

Come and enjoy the blissful and comfort atmosphere at Villa Ambrosia  Restaurant.

Ресторант във Вила Амброзия

Caressing the senses.

  • Бар и ресторант във Вила Амброзия
Изглед към басейна на Вила Амброзия
Ресторант във Вила Амброзия
Коктейл от бара на Вила Амброзия

Poolside Bar

Relaxation and Enjoyment

Have a good time at the company of family and friends by the pool, relaxing reading a book or lounging in the sun, going hand in hand with your favorite refreshment of your preferred alcoholic beverage, but a must – well chilled!

We made sure they were just a hand away! Get comfortable at the bar, relax on a sun lounger or sit in the shade under one of the large umbrellas to give yourself a great beach without leaving the complex! If you feel the heat, relax in the waters of our pool.

Good safety conditions are created for the children so they and you, can both peacefully enjoy the time at the villa. Next to the large pool we have a children’s playground. where they can enjoy and swim under the sun.

Dinning Room

Coziness and pleasant atmosphere are just as important to us as serving nice and delicious food. That is why we have made sure in our restaurant that you do not lack the comforts to enjoy your stay.

Come to us to see the quality Bulgarian menu and our Mediterranean specialties, cacti and our renovated restaurant.

  • Ресторант във Вила Амброзия
Ресторант във Вила Амброзия
Стая с изглед към морето Вила Амброзия
Коктейли във Вила Амброзия

The restaurant of Villa Ambrosia offers a rich variety of Mediterranean and Bulgarian cuisine.


For special events, baptisms and birthdays, it can be reserved in advance as can a special menu for guests. For more information and questions you can contact us by email at or by phone +359 882004171