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Our team believes that health always comes first and should always be taken care of. Both- physical and mental health. Nowadays, people are more and more stressed and busy, and our health is more shaky. Studies show that a young person’s stress levels today are higher than they were in the 1990s. And the most stressful groups are people aged 18-33. Taking into account all of this – our recharge  package was born. The Recharge package can be combined perfectly with a summer vacation, while at the same time you manage to  stay active and enjoy serenity.

Villa Ambrosia’s Recharge package is one of the hotel’s most purchased packages. And with a reason ..
The package includes numerous therapies and procedures for the overall recovery of the body and the restoration of tone. This package can be selected for a period of 5 or 7 days. During this time, customers will be able to enjoy various types of yoga, walks and mini-hikes, massages, both standard and underwater, fitness exercises, gymnastics, pearl bath and many other extras. This package is suitable for both men and women. An individual program is made for each of the guests, which will be followed for the duration of the Recharge package. In this way, for each client the emphasis is on where there is the greatest need. Enabling the body to recover and mental health to improve.


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